Instructor Tips: How to Lead a Drum Circle

drum circle training drumming circle drumming circles Feb 09, 2023
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Drumming circles are a great way for people to come together, both musically and socially. But drumming circles don't just happen - someone has to lead them.

Here's how you can become the drum circle leader of your own group with these expert tips and guidance.

Learn a few simple rhythms.

As a drum circle leader, it's important to know the fundamentals. Familiarizing yourself with basic rhythms is essential.

A few good ones to start with are the heartbeat rhythm and the clave rhythm. Spend some time practicing these basic elements until you have a good feel for them before using them with your group.

You can get 30 drum circle starter rhythms here.

Set up your space to be comfortable and inviting.

Before leading your first drum circle, consider setting up the space to be as comfortable and inviting as possible.

This includes distributing drums evenly around the circle, making sure everyone feels included and at ease with one another.

Establishing a safe welcoming and comforting atmosphere will help ensure a successful experience for all participants.

Be sure to let your participants know that the drumming circle is beginner friendly and that they don’t need to be perfect! 

Encourage everyone to join in the music-making and invite improvisation.

Improvisation is an important part of drum circle experience. Now it's time to start a rhythm to get the drum circle going!

Start a repeating rhythm that feels fun to play-along to.

Ask participants to hear the rhythm, relax into it and respond by playing along.

Make sure everyone knows that there isn’t a right or wrong way to make music within the drum circle – and to just do their best to help the group sound good together.

Invite them to experiment with different rhythms and to have fun. As they become more comfortable in the rhythm, people will start to find their unique voice in the larger group soundscape.

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