Introducing Jim Donovan: Discover the Power of Music for Healing

Jim Donovan M.Ed. is a multiplatinum musician, acclaimed trainer, and Assistant Professor, currently serving as the Director of Music and Wellness at Saint Francis University. As a TEDx speaker, his captivating talk "How to Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep" has resonated with over 6 million viewers to date.

At the heart of Jim Donovan's purpose is his mission to harness the potent healing potential of music and share it through education and performance. Drawing on his extensive expertise, Jim specializes in empowering organizations focused on individuals with disabilities and those on the path to recovery from addiction, by establishing personalized "in-house" music activity programs through comprehensive staff training and ongoing support.

With an extensive track record spanning back to 1999, Jim has successfully presented over 3000 music and wellness programs globally. 

Notable clients, such as The State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Pyramid Healthcare, Maryland Recovery, Networks for Training, and RHD- Resources for Human Development, entrust Jim Donovan to facilitate transformative events that leave a lasting impact.

Beyond his training and advocacy, Jim Donovan continues to perform for audiences with his band the Sun King Warriors. Jim DOniovan is also a founding member of the multi-platinum Rusted Root, he co-wrote the timeless hit "Send Me on My Way." This iconic song has been featured in beloved movies like "Ice Age," "Matilda," and the Netflix Film "Holiday in the Wild." Additionally, it made history by becoming the first song to "wake up" NASA's Mars Rover on the distant red planet.

You're invited to join Jim on this journey of bringing the healing power of music to the world.