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Music and Wellness Leadership: The Foundations of Rhythmic Engagement and Creative Music Making

Music and Wellness Leadership - The Foundations of Rhythmic Engagement and Creative Music Making  Music and Wellness Leadership is a training program that teaches professionals beginner friendly and interactive music making activities to support (1) self expression, (2) social connection, (3) mood improvement and (4) stress reduction. Prior music experience and the ability to read music is not required. Trainees are provided with instruction and methodology for an array of interactive music and wellness techniques and are provided with scripts and examples post-training.  Training Outcomes   By the end of this training your staff should be able to. . . Identify their own personal steps to increasing competency for leading music and wellness strategies Facilitate music and wellness strategies with people of all abilities. Adapt music and wellness strategies to their own or other’s needs. Design their own music and wellness programs What are music and wellness strategies/activities? A music and wellness strategy is a technique that uses easy-to-learn methods and instruments to elicit a desired behavioral response, such as encouraging self expression, building social connections, mood improvement and stress reduction. During these activities, the primary focus is on prompting the client to engage in the process, rather than strive for musical “perfection”. Foundations of Rhythmic Engagement and Creative Music Making  Intro to Music Facilitation Rhythmic Engagement Activities Creative Music Making Activities Rhythm and Movement Activities Intro to Music, Mindfulness and Mental Health Strategies Program Design

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