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"Practical and easy to follow. The activities are simple enough to begin implementing right away but so impactful at the same time."


Make a Lasting Difference In Someone's Life... 

βœ… Beginners welcome! Prior music training is not required.

βœ… Engage your clients in enjoyable and proven activities that boost mood, social connection, calmness and quality of life.

βœ… Learn from a seasoned professional trainer with over 20 years of experience and 3000+ events.

βœ… Includes complete live training recording, plus lifetime access to the On-Demand Version of Music and Mindfulness Training ($197 value)

βœ…  30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

βœ… Live Virtual Session content is CE Pre-Approved by NASW and NCTRC.

Lifetime Access To Activities You Can Start Using Today

βœ… 13 Step-By-Step Activity Video Tutorials.

βœ…  12 Activity Scripts that tell you exactly what to say.

βœ…  3 Guided Meditation Audio Tracks for Deep Relaxation.

βœ…  6 Mindful Movement Audio Tracks for Stress Reduction.

βœ…  11 Written Lessons that explain Music and Mindfulness.

βœ…  3 Guided Meditation Scripts. 

You get 32 lessons in all!

Valuable Bonus Bundle

🎁 Lifetime access to the On-Demand Version of Music and Mindfulness Training ($197 value)

🎁 Certificate of Completion from Jim Donovan (PDF)

🎁 Free Energy of Sound Workshop with Jim (60 Minute Prerecorded) ($79 value)

🎁 Guided Mindfulness Mediation Audio Mp3s (3 tracks)

🎁 Jim's Guide to Reducing Resistance & Earning Trust (PDF)

🎁 Mindful Movement Audio Mp3s (3)

🎁 Research Citations, Abstracts and Resource Links

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Bonus # 1:

Signed Certificate of Completion

Validate Your New Knowledge and Unique Skills

In addition to your organization's CE certificate (extra charge applies), you may also request a personalized certificate of completion PDF with your name, contact hours, and credential (if applicable) from Jim Donovan.

This certificate is a high-resolution PDF suitable for framing... Included at NO COST At the Completion of The Training

Bonus # 2:

The Energy of Sound Workshop

Participate with Jim in this pre-recorded live virtual sound mindfulness workshop

Enjoy this hour-long immersion into boosting your body’s healing potential — using research based sound and vibration.

This valuable workshop is included at NO COST with today's order

Bonus # 3:

Music and Mindfulness Audio for Meditation and Sleep

3 Original Guided Audio Tracks Especially Designed for Relaxation, Meditation and Sleep


Sleepy Breathing: This restorative practice combines specially designed sleep music with a simple guided slow-breathing technique. As you engage with this track, you'll prepare your brain and body for deep refreshing sleep—and a great day tomorrow. This guided 9 minute exercise is followed by a relaxing bed of soft sounds to further lull you into the great night's rest you deserve.

Vibrational Sleep: This gentle sound healing exercise uses the vibration of your own voice to turn on your body's parasympathetic nervous system—the part of you that is in charge of "rest and rejuvenation". You'll be guided through a soft humming exercise that will clear your mind and signal your body to generate relaxation inducing chemicals including dopamine. This guided 8 minute exercise is followed by gradually fading sleep sounds to help you drift into the land of sweet dreams.

Sleep Rhythm: If you just can't stop thinking at bedtime and want to fall asleep with a clear, peaceful mind, then this practice is for you. To do this, you're invited to engage in a simple soft tapping exercise you can do in bed that gradually entrains— and then slows down the speed of your brain waves. Doing so helps to prepare your brain to be in it's optimal state for sleep. You'll enjoy doing this exercise while listening to the serene sound of ocean waves.

Easily stream or download these tracks right from the course to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Access These Value Packed Audio Tracks For Easing Nightly Sleep  ...Included at NO COST

Bonus # 4:

Jim's Guide To Reducing Resistance and Earning Trust

Uncover how to create the optimal setting for enjoyable and meaningful music and mindfulness activities

If you already work with people, you've likely encountered participant resistance in form or another. 

Even though you and I already know how beneficial our practices can be, it takes some people time to warm up to new ideas.

This three-part guide can help you reduce behavior and attitude issues BEFORE they start. It's based on 20+ years of working with wonderfully challenging people of all kinds.

Inside, you'll gain additional wisdom that can help you help your participants move past fear... and into engaged connection.

Included at NO COST with Today's Order

Bonus # 5:

Music for Mindful Movement

Extended Music Tracks to Engage the Body in Cortisol Releasing Mindful Movement

Sometimes we're simply too stressed out to sit and try to quiet our minds. When this happens, trying to force quiet mindful serenity can make us even more stressed.

That's why this training shows you how to lead beginner friendly mindful movement activities. This original music is specially designed to help us give the body what it really needs by helping it to release excess stress chemicals.

Do this first, and relaxing mindfulness meditation becomes more effortless.

That's why I'm including three of my very best music for mindful movement tracks.

These extended instrumental only tracks were specifically designed for the Mindful Movement activities you'll discover in this training.

Included at NO ADDED COST with Today's Order

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 Money-Back Guarantee

Here's My Promise...

Here’s a simple promise:

The Music and Mindfulness Training will show you all that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

Inside, you’ll discover exactly how to lead your own music and mindfulness activities and exercises.

You’ll discover a step-by step system to use the power of music and mindfulness to promote well-being...

You’ll watch the detailed video tutorials and follow along in the included bonus materials...

...and I guarantee you’ll discover new ideas you haven’t thought about, and ways to help your group improve their overall well-being.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason…

...just let my team know within 30 days with a quick email and we’ll send you a full refund for your course purchase.

*Please note: Requesting a certificate of completion voids this guarantee.

This is a 30-Day Guarantee

That means you have 30 days to go through the course and all the bonuses before you decide if you find it valuable.

What you see on this page is what you’ll discover inside the course.

I guarantee you’ll find it valuable.

If you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason, let us know so I can send you a refund. This is a 30-day money back guarantee.

*Please note: Requesting a certificate of completion voids this guarantee.


Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

I’ve been training people in the "helping professions" since 2010, including those who work in recovery, mental health, education, social work, autism and intellectual-developmental disabilities.

Here are a few more of the hundreds organizations I’ve had the privilege of working with:

βœ… The University of Pittsburgh
βœ… Penn State University
βœ… Carnegie Mellon University
βœ… Saint Francis University
βœ… Mid-Atlantic Region Music Therapy Association
βœ… The University of Florida
βœ… The Barber National Institute

My mission is to share the healing power of music through education and performance.

I'd love the opportunity to show you how.

If you’re ready to make a lasting difference in someone's life using the the power of music and mindfulness...

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See you on the inside,

Jim Donovan