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The Drum Circle Leadership Training Shows You...

How to start a drumming that is worry-free and “fail-proof” for any group .

The guide to reducing participant resistance—to help everyone have more fun!

Easy, step by step methods for leading therapeutic drumming activities and rhythm games – including complete video tutorials for each method that you can watch again and again for easy reference.

Proven, pre-tested scripts so you’ll always know exactly what to say when setting up drum circle activities.

Stress reducing rhythm and movement activities to promote anxiety reduction and boost physical exercise.

 A path to immediate implementation - My goal is to prepare you to lead a beginner friendly rhythmic music making activity for the people you serve right away.

◉ My 3 step Drum Circle preparation "ritual" I do right before each drum circle.

Social drumming circle games that foster connection, bonding and positive communication between your participants.

Valuable Pro Tips to consider before leading your every drum circle.

How to use drumming to elicit authentic self-expression—especially for beginners.

The one question the people in your drum circle are DEFINITELY asking themselves—and how to answer it ahead of time.

The Four Pillars of Drum Circle Music Making— that help to bring out the best in people.

Brain building drumming circle warmup exercises that support improved focus, coordination and cognition.

How to use drum circle "starter rhythms" to get and keep your participants creatively engaged.

Clear drumming technique tutorials to help you and your participants to sound great and keep your hands safe!

Proven methods for earning trust and bringing more enjoyment to your drum circles.

Pre-designed guided drum circle technique practice sessionsfor accelerated self refinement.

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Bonus # 1:

Signed Certificate of Completion

Validate Your New Knowledge and Unique Skills

At the conclusion of your drum circle facilitator training, you may request a personalized certificate of completion PDF with your name, contact hours, and credential (if applicable).

Bonus # 2:

60 Minute Wisdom of Rhythm Workshop

Drum with Jim in this pre-recorded live virtual drumming event

Brush up on your drumming skills and discover how to apply what you learn in this online drum circle facilitator training to virtual formats like Zoom.

This valuable 60 minute workshop is included at NO COST with today's order ($79 value)

Bonus # 3:

Drum Circle Leadership Resource Manual PDF

The Drum Circle Leadership Manual gives you a life-long resource for drumming circle activities and best practices.

Contained within nearly 300 pages and fourteen chapters is a deep dive into the philosophy and methodology for leading your transformational and therapeutic drum circle programs.

Chapters Include:

◉ Chapter 1: Foundation and Philosophy

◉ Chapter 2: Rhythmic Exercises & Warm Ups

◉ Chapter 3: Drum Circles- Origins, Benefits and Questions to Consider

◉ Chapter 4: Drum Circle & Music Making Techniques

◉ Chapter 5: Shaping the Music

◉ Chapter 6: Participant Leadership (PL)

◉ Chapter 7: Drum Circle Games for Social Interaction

◉ Chapter 8: Introduction to Melody Seeds

◉ Chapter 9: Rhythm and Relaxation

◉ Chapter 10: Introduction to Sound Empowerment

◉ Chapter 11: Teaching Tips and Techniques

◉ Chapter 12: Strategies for Self-Refinement

◉ Chapter 13: The Care and Feeding of Challenging People

◉ Chapter 14: Logistics and Post Event Concerns

Access This Value Packed PDF Resource Whenever You Need New Ideas or Inspiration...Included at NO COST ($47 value)

Bonus # 4:

Guided Practice Sessions Collection

A Complete Collection of Guided Practice Sessions to Fast Track Your Skill Improvement

Drumming circle activities are designed to be used by anyone who is willing right away—and with little practice. But if you want to refine your abilities even further, I'll show you how!

Inside this course, you will find pre-written guided practice sessions for those who want to further refine their skills.

This guide contains practice sessions for in person, and virtually led activities.

Pinpoint simple strategies to bring the best out in people... Included for Free in this course! ($27 value)

Bonus # 5:

A Guide To Reducing Resistance and Earning Trust

Uncover how to create the optimal setting for enjoyable and meaningful drum circles

One of the most common things you may encounter leading drum circles, especially with beginners, is participant resistance. 

Even though you and I already know how much fun and beneficial drumming can be, it takes some people time to warm up to the idea.

This guide—literally decades in the making—can help you reduce behavior and attitude issues BEFORE they start. It's based on 20+ years of working with challenging people of all kinds.

Inside, you'll gain additional drum circle "wisdom" that can help you help your participants move past fear... and into engaged connection.

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Here's what you get:

7 easy-to-follow modules filled with videos, scripts and practice prompts that take you from the beginning of your drum circle.... to the very end.


  • Course Introduction
  • The Beginning of Your Event, Drumming Technique Lessons
  • Creative Making Music Activities Using "Rhythm Seeds"
  • The Philosophy of Drum Circle Leadership
  • Social Connection Drumming Games Part 1 and 2
  • Stress Relief Activities
  • How to End Your Drum Circle

In all, you get:

  • 21 video tutorials
  • 11 Downloadable Scripts
  • 6 Downloadable practice sessions


  • A Downloadable "Cheatsheet" summarizing of all exercises and scripts to keep with you when you start your first circle.
  • 2 program templates
  • 14 Point Drum Circle Check List
  • 30-Day, Hassle Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Plus these valuable BONUSES:

  • Signed Certificate of Completion after you finish the training
  • The Wisdom of Rhythm Virtual Workshop with Jim
  • The 300 pg. Drum Circle Leadership PDF Manual
  • Guided Practice Sessions
  • Free course updates at no extra charge
  • Discounts and first access to live in person trainings
  • 10 Key Questions to Consider Before Leading Your First Drum Circle
  • A Downloadable list of 30 Rhythm Seeds – Drum Circle Starter Rhythms
  • 14 Point Drum Circle Check List
  • Research Citations Supporting the Health Benefits of Drum Circles
  • 34 Easy Ways To Improve Your Drum Circle

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Thanks for taking the time to read this far.

I’ve been training people in the "helping professions" since 2010, including those who work in recovery, mental health, education, social work, autism and intellectual-developmental disabilities.

Here are a few of the hundreds organizations I’ve had the privilege of working with:

✅ TEDx
✅ The State of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
✅ Veterans Administration
✅ Pyramid Healthcare
✅ Resources for Human Development (RHD)
✅ National Council for Therapeutic Recreation
✅ Percussive Arts Society International Convention
✅ National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

My mission is to help people relieve their own suffering through interactive music and wellness strategies.

I'd love the opportunity to show you how.

Jim Donovan M.Ed.