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The Secret to Leading “Fail-Proof” drumming circles You might be surprised about how much of a difference this one idea impacts every circle you do.

 An Easy, Step by Step Method for leading a drum circle music making activity – including how to start, sustain and stop the group. Plus a complete video tutorial you can watch again and again for easy reference.

 Proven, Pre-Tested Script so you’ll know exactly what to say when setting up the drum circle activity.

 Path to Starting Fast - My goal is to prepare you to lead a beginner friendly drum circle activity right away.

Valuable Pro Tips that will save you time and worry before leading your first drum circle.

30 Easy Drum Circle Starter Rhythms to get and keep your participants engaged.

Clear Drumming Technique Tutorials to help you and your participants to sound great and keep your hands safe!

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Bonus # 1:

10 Key Questions

The 10 Key Questions To Consider BEFORE Leading Your First Drum Circle

Inside you'll find 10 key questions to consider before leading your first drum circle.

These questions can help you get focused by revealing the: "Who?", "What?", "Where?", and "Why?" for your first circle 

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Bonus # 2:

14 Point Drum Circle Checklist

Eliminate Worry By Being Well Prepared For Your First Drum Circle

This checklist is included for free.

Bonus # 3:

30 Rhythm Seeds Collection

Making drum circle music can be a highly enjoyable experience for your participants—especially if you provide them with the right support.

This is the time where your participants get to freely express themselves musically in a supportive and structured way.

Your job as the leader is to support your participants in creating cohesive and enjoyable “in-the-moment” music right away. 

To do this, I've created drum circle starter "play-along rhythms called "Rhythm Seeds". I'll show you exactly how to use them in this training.

Access this value packed collection whenever you need new rhythmic inspiration...Included at NO COST

Bonus # 4:

34 Easy Ways to Improve Your Drum Circle

Valuable Tips For Creating An Enjoyable and Sustainable Drum Circle.

Inside, you'll gain additional drum circle "wisdom" that can help you solve potential problems before they start.

Included for free!

Bonus # 5:

Group Drumming Research  Collection

Get this "Done For You" Peer Reviewed Research Abstract Collection

If you work in an organization where you have to write proposals to request funds for things like training and instruments, your boss might ask the question: "What does the research say about the effectiveness of group drumming?"

Having had to do this myself, I know how time consuming trying to find current and high quality research can be!

That's why I went ahead and did the work for you already.

Included in this collection are the most recent and highest quality studies supporting music and wellness as an effective adjunct activity to support the people you serve. 

Here you will find the abstract, citation, and a direct link to study that you can copy and paste into your proposals.

Easy peasy.

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Sit, hold and safely play the tones on a tubano and djembe style hand drum

A downloadable script for each activity – so you know what to say when setting up the activity.

15 lessons, 3 video tutorials,  2 Downloadable Scripts, 2 Downloadable practice sessions

Plus These Valuable BONUSES 🎁

⦿ 10 Key Questions to Consider Before Leading Your First Drum Circle

⦿ A Downloadable list of 30 Drum Circle Starter Rhythms

⦿ 14 Point Drum Circle Check List

⦿ Research Supporting the Health Benefits of Drum Circles

⦿ Guide: 34 Easy Ways To Improve Your Drum Circle

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