Drumming & Disabilities Training with Jim Donovan M.Ed.

Learn to Lead Engaging Rhythm Activities For People with Autism

Drumming & Disabilities Training with Jim Donovan M.Ed., is a self paced on demand training designed to show people how to facilitate rhythm and wellness methods with people with ASD and other disabilities.

This training does not require prior music experience and is accessible for beginners.

These clinically proven strategies were developed at Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA and are designed to meet goals such as: 

(1) Increased attention to task

(2) Non-verbal expression

(3) Socialization 

(4) Stress reduction for individuals on the Autism spectrum and other disabilities

By the end of this training you will know. . .

  • Effective steps towards inclusive and accessible facilitation.
  • Methodology for creating safe, accepting and positive environments.
  • Methodology and examples of four rhythm and wellness activity templates.
  • The research behind the techniques.

By the end of this training you will be able to. . .

  • Facilitate rhythm and wellness activities with people on the Autism spectrum and other disabilities.
  • Adapt rhythm and wellness activities to their own specific client needs.
  • Design your own unique rhythm and wellness activities.  

7 easy-to-follow modules filled with drum circle activity videos, scripts and practice prompts that guide you from the beginning of a drum circle.... to the very end.

• How to start your activities
• Drum and percussion technique lessons
• Expressive making music activities 
• Social connection rhythm games 
• Stress relief activities 
• How to end your activities

Plus live example videos so you can see the games in action.

In all, you get:
21 video tutorials
11 Downloadable Scripts
6 Downloadable practice sessions

  • Plus:
    A printable activity "Cheatsheet" summarizing of all exercises and scripts to keep with you when you lead activities
  • Rhythm game program templates
  • 14 Point program Check List

You'll receive all of these valuable BONUSES:

  • Signed and Personalized Certificate of Completion after you finish the training
  • 60 minute Wisdom of Rhythm Virtual Drumming Workshop with Jim
  • 300 pg. Drum Circle Leadership PDF Manual
  • Guided Practice Sessions
    10 Key Questions to Consider Before Leading Your First Drum Circle PDF
  • A Downloadable list of 30 Rhythm Seeds – Drum Circle Starter Rhythms
  • Research Citations Supporting the Health Benefits of Drum Circles
  • 34 Easy Ways To Improve Your Drum Circle

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Here's what past trainees are saying:

Since our drum circle training several weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to teach both children and adults on separate occasions. The most significant change I’ve noticed in myself is added confidence which in turn allows me to truly enjoy what I’m doing. I am more animated, I smile more and I’m really having fun. I can see a change on the faces of the students. They see my enthusiasm and it spreads to everyone involved. The training was exactly what I needed to advance to a higher level. Thank you to Jim and everyone that was a part of it.

— Rich S, Training Participant


I attended Jim Donovan’s Drum Circle Facilitator Training so that I could get drum circles going in my area to help build community and to give me more options to drum myself. I got so much more out of this program than just learning to lead a drum circle. The program held so many insights into the dynamics of facilitating people and empowering me and others towards true connectedness. There is a powerful feeling of wellbeing inside the circle that words just cannot describe. I highly recommend this program to anyone who works with people of any age or just wants to improve their circle/life skills.

— Teresa B. Training Participant

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